Floral Invasion - Manny Sgourakis - From fashion to flowers

Born and raised in Montreal with Greek heritage, Manny began his professional life 22 years ago in the retail world of fashion. Bringing his love of life, charm and charisma not to mention his creative talent and showmanship to the forefront, he channeled his passion for it all and created a career designed to enhance the homes and lifestyles of his adored and adoring customers. 

Lucky for us all he began his career in FLORAL ART!

His work and talented team consistently rank top in the Montreal floral industry, servicing corporate headquarters, fashionable retailers, top restaurants, and the homes of the social, the artistic, the connected and the delighted.

Luluthia delivers ART
Luluthia delivers PASSION
Luluthia delivers FLORAL STYLE
with a deep connection to THE ROMANTIC,

“Whether I am working in refined soft tones or with brilliant color, I apply creative sensibility expressed through contemporary styling to create floral art unique to each client request” says Manny Sgourakis floral designer and owner of Luluthia.

“Transforming trends into works of art and presenting our customers with unexpected creations that matches their personal style is what we pride ourselves with in every creation we execute.”

Manny preparing flowers

Today we operate three locations of creative wisdom 

  • the flower bar at Rockland centre, 
  • the floral boutique on Alexis Nihon / corner Thimens in VSL and 
  • the very new concept, the wedding atelier - a new and unique concept in the city where not only can we design the dream centerpiece for your special wedding day, we can offer concierge service with recommendations of wedding themes that are more than just flowers- they follow current and forward trends.