Tired of the same party venues? Introducing the Enchanted Garden Party Room, where the garden fairies have gathered to celebrate! Don't clean your house! You bring the food, drinks and cake, and leave us with the mess.

Having a hard time finding something new and unique for your party venue? Then look no further!  At Luluthia Floral Design - The Party Room - is perfectly decorated to enchant the festive day.  We cater to ages 3 to 93 with unique packages to choose from, including a party where kids can come in to our flower shop and with our energetic staff, help build a pre-selected floral design. Each party is two hours and held in the newly designed and decorated garden Party Room on the second floor - bright and inviting and can comfortably hold up to 30 guests.

Planning a baby shower - The Party Room can be reserved for a 4 hour window where the Luluthia Party Room Fairies will help you host this wonderful event! Contact us for pricing and availability.

Don't clean your house! You bring the food, drinks and cake, and leave us with the mess.

Birthday Party Package

Total party time - 2 hours


  • (8) Hand made invitiations
  • (2) Hours in the Garden Party Room
  • (2) Age appropriate party games based on average age of children
  • (2) Themed crafts - exmaple: flower card craft, coloring, cupcake decorating
  • Creation of pre-selected floral design arrangement - each child chooses their own pot
  • Treasure Hunt game and prize
  • Candy Bar set up - you bring the treats and we set up the bar
  • Table settings include tablecloth and napkins, disposable plates, cutlery and décor.
  • A special garden throne for the birthday child to sit on as they open gifts.
  • All clean up is done by Luluthia staff


$350 for up to 8 children, $20 per extra child.
15 Children maximum
Extra invitations $3.00 each (first 8 included)
Maximum 30 total guests
Plus applicable taxes

Ask about our custom design service and associated fees, styled and propped exclusively for your next party.

Tiny footprints in the garden :: Baby Boy Shower Party

All things garden, polka dots, stripes and blue blue blue combine to create a sweet baby boy shower. 

The concept:

Relax in a garden setting with family and friends and enjoy the surroundings of all things vintage - from galvanized tea light buckets to the old vintage milk bottle flower vases, garden chairs, ruffled trimmed table linen and green grass everywhere. At times you might just think you are outdoors in someone’s country house backyard.

Tea Time in the garden :: Baby Girl Shower Party

With a garden setting surrounded by an abundance of fresh florals and all things pink, it’s afternoon teatime in the party room. 

The concept:

It’s teatime in the garden as all guest await the arrival of a very glowing mommy-to-be. For ladies who lunch, the details of this decor will charm all those who love everything girly. Lots of textures, prints and details from the tea cup invitation, to food labels, to custom tea tags and personalized menu cards. The high tea leaves out no details. Flower arrangements in corals, pinks and soft yellows make the room a charming little spot. Custom design cakepops and cookies - Threecbakingandco.com 

Little Man is turning “ONE” in the garden :: First Birthday Party

As your little man turns “one” join us in the enchanted garden for an afternoon filled with cookies and treats. Everyone will love this old world garden charm.

The concept:

With the moustache theme set in an old vintage garden setting, this first birthday filled with charm will catch the hearts and leave memories to all for years to come! From photobooth moustache props to cookies, milk and cake pops, the theme of “ treats” is guaranteed to charm your guests and leave them wanting goodies for the old country road home!

Custom design party banner, stationery and charming garden floral details create a vintage setting perfect for your little man!

Custom design cakepops and cookies - Threecbakingandco.com

Ballerinas in the garden : Little Girl Birthday Party

With the fairies in the garden, all things pretty and girly, with lots of pink tulle create a magical fairy tale birthday for all.

The concept:

Marie’s Ballet Birthday begins at 2:00 - all invited will dance the afternoon away in their tutus.

Little girls love ballerinas and the ballet theme brings out the cutest play in all. Combine all that is pink with a room full of frilly tulle and let the party begin. Assorted sweets in pink and white all laid out to match -  coordinating jars and platters, tagged and labeled with the custom design stationery, birthday invite and ballet bubble bath for all the little girls... let the ballet begin!

Custom design ballerina cupcakes, cake pops and ballet biscuits - Threecbakingandco.com

Creepy Crawlers in the garden : Boy Birthday Party

For all the little boys and girls celebrating a birthday, this party is just getting started and the excitement 

is rising as the garden rooms hosts a party filled with all sorts of creepy crawlers... jungle style!

The concept:

Gather a room full of boys and girls in a garden setting, bring out the crafts and let them create with the garden fairies at The Party Room, - you have just but a few hours of silence as they follow the instructions. Bring out the creepy crawlers and all chaos breaks as they explore the world of reptiles and have nothing but questions and amazement for the unknown!

Party room garden decor with a little tropical Amazon layered in for the reptile theme. Party hats to match, assorted flowerpots and a whole bunch of fresh flowers to explore and create. Bring out the reptiles and let the party begin.

Highlights of the Spring 2012
Garden Party Photoshoot
April 10th - Luluthia :: The Party Room
text by Stephanie Sega for 9PBMI
photos by Studio Photo Cookie et Sa Garde-Robe 

When 9 Plus Bebe Mama Magazine tells you it will keep you in the loop on the newest, cutest, and best of what’s out there for baby we really mean it.  This time, I’m so excited to introduce a one of a kind resource for the party planners out there (aka all of us with children or expecting children!), perfect for a baby shower or child’s birthday, or to host a classic tea party or garden party. There is so much to love about the new party room on the 2nd floor of floral art mecca Luluthia Floral Design, you will find any excuse to hold an event there.

The unique concept, of having a party room above a flower shop, is a work of magnificence.  As you climb the stairs to the party room, the heavenly scent of fresh flowers envelops you, and has a most calming and lovely effect.  It’s a perfect sweet smell for the party area, matching and enhancing the bright, airy, pretty space.  At once quaint and current, it’s decorated in an old world/new style motif. The feel is inviting, warm and comfortable, not ‘don’t touch that, it’ll break’. The stations set up around the room go from cute to cuter and sweet to sweeter. Invited there courtesy of 9Plus to blog about the Spring/Summer photo shoot featuring pint-sized models with chubby thighs and heads full of curls, I experienced the magic of the room in action.

The design of the intimate room will definitely help a party flow. In the center is a simple wood table prepped with everything children need to craft up a storm…colored pencils, crayons, paints, pom poms, rolls of white paper. Every party includes an age appropriate craft project for the children to stretch those imaginations. At the shoot the mini-models sat on the chic tufted cubes around the table and colored. The children interacted with smiles, not a tantrum to be seen, perhaps under the same spell of floral aromatherapy that was making me feel mellow and marvelous.  There was so much for them to see and do, the brilliant Kathleen Girard of Cookie et sa Garde Robe Photo Studio was able to snap away and capture a myriad of natural, happy moments.  Imagine the delight in children who get the full animator and hostess-led experience, planting, playing, and partying.  

Oh, did I forget to mention that the rental of the room includes an animator and hostess?  To the right of the door is a children’s sitting area full of charming mini garden furniture that fits them to a T.  It is here where the feature event of each party will occur, the arranging and potting of flowers the children get to take home after they’ve flexed their creativity. The professional animator will guide the children as they work (and play!) with earth and flowers to pot their own arrangement, and develop a greater appreciation for the beauty in nature and in what they can achieve with their own two hands.  The garden supply area, complete with little aprons hanging on hooks and pots for the children to fill, is an adorable first stop before heading over to the miniature garden chairs and tables set up for potting.

Other zones in the party room include a little sitting bench between two giant windows that let light stream in from behind the gathered white curtains that offer the room a breezy and spring/summer fresh feel, even in the grey slush of February. Here I envision a pile of gifts waiting to be opened.  Beside that is a large table to lay out your spread on a handmade, layered ruffle tablecloth. Whatever catering you decide to bring in, from home or store-ordered, will look fabulous on the platters and serving supplies offered by Luluthia Floral Design.  Don’t forget the drinks and cake, and don’t forget the candy! There is a corner set up to offer your guests a candy shop experience, adorned with a hand crafted ‘Happy Birthday’ banner hanging overhead, courtesy of Karen Designs. One little model snuck a gummy worm, and the allure of jellybeans, lollipops, licorice, or rice krispie treats (to suggest a few) will be irresistible to young and old party guests alike.  The jars are all beautifully labeled, again by Karen Designs, to exemplify that every detail is stylized to perfection. Personally selected candy collections and potted flowers? Supreme lootbags you didn’t have to think up, run around to collect and bag up yourself.  Candy and flowers make the world go round, and make your party a success!  All your edibles can be delivered as early as the day before to ensure peace of mind on party day!

 I watched the models and modelettes move cheerily around the room, discovering it, delighting in it. They pretended to water the beautiful flower arrangements set up around the room in bursts of purple, and shaggy green rugs that resembled grass, ogled the candy, reached for an apron, tested out the kid-sized seating.  More color pops from PurpleOranges custom personalized wall hangings, perfect for any nursery or playroom, adorable, unique and an excellent gift for that new baby in your world.

An antique style glass drink container is perfect for a few liters of pink lemonade to put the finishing touch on a party in progress.  It was easy to imagine birthday parties full of family, friends and flowers that will create memories to last. Book yours, soon and don’t forget to press one of the birthday child’s flowers for safekeeping after the fact.  

In my lead paragraph I said this was an ideal space for a baby shower or a child’s dream party.  Please don’t think that it’s a space solely for little girls.  That would leave me out as a mom with deux sons (sorry mom, I refuse to try for a girl.).  So, guess what?  Boys LOVE getting their hands dirty and potting flowers means dirt to spare.  Plus, its good to start them young on the pleasures flowers bring to others (say, their mothers, for example). After all, an enchanted garden needs both a princess AND a prince.  Think ‘Amazon Reptile Party’! The party room at Luluthia is a bouquet made up of style, quality children’s activities, and originality that will impress all bebes, mamas and the beloved people they share their celebrations with.

www.luluthia.ca/thepartyroom for full package information.

Stay tuned for the next issue of 9Plus Bebe Mama Magazine, to see the photo spread from the shoot, with the cutie pies never looking cuter than while modeling the spring/summer lines from Enfantillon, Mouton Noir, Mexx Kids, Deslongchamps, Kid Biz, Laura Jo, and Mama Mia.  Fashions perfect for their next party at Luluthia Floral Design’s party room!